The finished deck of the product looks solid and beautiful, but the strength of the deck is not to be relied on without a solid foundation. There are a couple of alternative use wood decoration, gazebo and pergola, can be more robust than natural wood is durable. patio floor covering over WPC. Some stubborn traditionalists insist that there is nothing to do with the natural beauty of wood, however, with synthetic decorative wood and solid wood is often vague or even professional differences. Aluminum panels are also available in different finishes as well as in order to simulate color wood tones. cheap composite resurfacing boards. The main reason for the use of synthetic materials is due to the quality level of the manufacturing process to achieve excellence never in the decoration industry. Every rule has an exception, which is the ultimate responsibility of the owner of the road. As some wood species are able to stand up to better weather and resist pests, which can cause damage; often have durability and poor quality from a synthetic wood or aluminum deck. wood fence panels prices.